Unexpected strike this morning

Unexpected strike this morning

The trade union EVG did a short strike this morning. The EVG is responsible for the engine driver. Normally the trade unions announces a strike a few days before but now we have new dimensions in Germany.

The trains can be cancelled due to strike. Happily my train (RE3 from Altenessen station to Düsseldorf) still went but the opposite train to Hamm/Westfalen was cancelled.

To go by train is Germany a game of luck. If there is no strike, the trains could have a wide choice of technical problems It is also not sure whether the train departs in Germany.

After work I bought me a new sports clothes for badminton but I must restring my string of the racket because they were unused a lot of years. Here in Essen there is a small shop that is specialized in badminton, table tennis and tennis and I would resting it there.

And I need new sport shoes. I have 50 (15 in British) size of shoe and I’m a client of a shoe shop for a long time, more than 10 years. Now they don’t offer new shoes. I was very satisfied with the shop. But on the website there is no message, that they want to close it. I wrote the shop an email for new information.

For me it was never easy to buy new shoes. I cannot go to shop and say „I want to have new shoes“ and then I have a big choice of shoes. It is the same with jeans or other part of trousers. Normally I buy a jeans for 89 € or 99 €.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will search for new clothes. In Spring it is a good time. When I have the new clothes, then I will contact the new sports club. I would prefer my last sport club

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