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Late shift week is over

The week with the last late shift before my holiday is over, finally. I don’t like the late shift because the whole day is over. In the morning you only can wait to the shift and after 8 pm all shops are closed and other public and non public buildings. I only suffer the late…

Von elsenorweb 6. Juli 2019 Aus

Greven and Münster/Westfalen

On this very warm April day I was in Greven and later in Münster/Westfalen. For this intent I had to buy me a ticket for a day for my federal state. For the German Railway there are specific ticket where you can go by train (regional trains, RE, RB and S-Bahn, not ICE and IC)…

Von elsenorweb 22. April 2019 Aus

Outdoor pool Hesse in Dellwig

This first in the year I swam outside of a building. The outdoor pool „Hesse“ that is operated by a private sports club opens the door for the swimmers. It is the first outdoor pool in Essen. The other will open in May. I left my home with my bike to the railway station Essen-Zollverein…

Von elsenorweb 21. April 2019 Aus