Pentecost weekend

The last week is over. The negative circumstance of the German Railway between Essen and Düsseldorf airport I circumvented with taking the local trains of S6 from Ratingen. At the moment this train line is reliable.

The little disadvantage is that you must go by bike 20 minutes from work to the train station. But on the way you go shopping in the city centre of Ratingen or in supermarkets or swimming in the indoor / outside pools of this town.

Pentecost is waiting and finally I can go to the library here in Essen. In the week when you must work from 9.15 am to 6 pm it is not possible. The distance from Düsseldorf to Essen is too big and because of the situation that one train line that is in time in Essen, does not run at the moment.

I would take the train line RE2 from Düsseldorf main station to Essen main station that departs on 6.13 pm.

Due to works between Essen and Duisburg this train did not run during the Easter school holidays between in the end of March. Then for another work on tracks between Düsseldorf and Cologne this line was not running. That means that the train lines did not run for more than 2 months to the origin destination of Düsseldorf main station.

In general all trains in German, local and long distance, are always in tardy. You must expect in Germany that the train is delay, canceled or that the train does not run his complete way to his end. The operation centre decides very often to stop the train many stations before because the delay is very big so that the train would never catch up the delay. That means that the passenger who wanted to go to the terminal destination, must go out and wait and hope that the next train would go to the normal train destination.

Meanwhile the operation centre of the German railway does it with the long-distance train (IC and ICE), too. No one can be sure that you reach your destination if the the train has a delay.

In other countries (The Netherland or Belgium) the train companies do not do that.

The German Railway Deutsche Bahn AG is not customer-friendly. The company wants to earn money in the foreign country for transportation of freight and is proud of their train connection between Europe and China but the homework they can not do no longer.

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Heute war mal wieder so ein Tag, wo man am besten die Bahn vollständig meiden sollte. So eine Unpünktlichkeit und Überfüllung ist atemberaubend.

Ich bin heute morgen um 8.09 Uhr zur Arbeit gefahren. Ich habe auf dem Bahnsteig einen Arbeitskollegen getroffen. Der sagte mir, der RE11 um 7.46 Uhr sei schon komplett ausgefallen. Dementsprechend war der RE1 voll, der schon in Essen fünf Minuten Verspätung hatte. Bis Düsseldorf-Flughafenbahnhof waren es 10 Minuten.

Auf der Rückfahrt war die völlige Katastrophe. Der ICE, der aus Berlin und den Düsseldorfer Hauptbahnhof als Ziel hat, kommt, hat zur Fahrminute .57 oder so daherum entweder Verspätung oder fällt auch sehr gerne aus. Heute ist er wieder ausgefallen (aber das ist auch im Fernverkehr nichts neues).

Ich wollte den RE6 um 19.02 Uhr nehmen. 10 Minuten am Bahnsteig stand nichts. Innerhalb von einer Minuten verschlechterte sich alles. Erst hätte der Zug 30 Minuten Verspätung und in der nächsten Minute ist er ganz ausgefallen. Der RE6 fährt von Köln/Bonn Flughafen bis nach Minden/Westfalen.

Ich wollte dann mit dem RE5 fahren. Aus fünf Minuten Verspätung wurden schnell 10 Minuten und erst nach 12 Minuten kam der Zug endlich am Flughafenbahnhof an. In Duisburg muss vom hintersten Gleis zum vordersten laufen, wenn man mit der S2 fahren möchte, wie in meinem Falle und dass nun innerhalb von vier Minuten.

Die Bahn ist ein absoluter Katastrophenverein. Hübsch irgendwelche Dividenden einfahren, Fracht in die Mongolei verfrachten oder irgendwo auf diesem Planeten Linienbusse fahren, als das kann das Unternehmen, aber den eigenen Verkehr im Mutterland, dazu ist das sowas von unfähig.

Unsere Staatsmedien stecken mit der Bahn AG sowieso unter einer Decke mit der Bundesregierung.

Es ist auch viel interessanter über Flüchtlinge, Krieg in Syrien, Ergodan, Putin, und Trump herzuziehen, als die Defizite im eigenen Land zu berichten. Der öffentliche-rechtliche Rundfunk (Staatsmedien) hat den Auftrag von der Bundesregierung uns zu erziehen und dazu gehören Verkehrsthemen nicht dazu. Lieber über unsere Ernährung, Plastik und sonstiges eigentlich recht unwichtige.

Woher ich das her hab? Man muss nur die Veränderungen der letzten Jahre genau verfolgen. Das Verkehrsthema war schon immer sehr unbedeutend (außer wenn man mal gestreikt wird).

Das ist unter aller Sau, denn von A nach B zu kommen ist nun mal das Wichtigste im Leben und das ist egal wie, aber dieses Thema immer zu ignorieren finde ich sehr schlimm.

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The first work day in this week / the first tablet

After the fantastic weekend on the river and the big tour through my neighborhood of Essen, the new week has begun with misty weather conditions but it was not cold.

Normally I take the regional train, RE11 from Essen main station to Düsseldorf airport but this morning the train was very full although three railcars were stringed together. I have decided to use the commuter train S1 on the same way to airport. Normally there are coupled two railcars but this morning the German railway company had decided to use only one in the rush hour.

It was very full, nearly overcrowded. The main thing is the train was not canceled.

On the way back I had the good luck that I could take a delayed regional train back to Essen main station. But the organization of this company is very catastrophically because the display on the platform showed the train that should depart later but this train not. The operation centre does not know what the displays show on the platform.

The train that had a big delay run yet in the last few seconds on this track but 5 or 10 minutes earlier. A passenger with the destination Voerde was in the wrong train. Fortunately both trains stop in Duisburg, too

I love trains since my childhood but I don’t understand the organization of the company. To err is human.

In the evening I’m going to keep busy with my first tablet (Trekstor Primetab P10) with Android 7.0. I’m going to install the necessary applications and uninstall the unnecessary application for example the some programs from the MS Office package.

My first installed program was Jitsi meet. That is the open-source concurrence to Skype. Here in Debian 9 I had installed it after my visit on the Fosdem 2018.

Unfortunately I’m sure that I cannot allure for people who are fascinated into Skype. Skype is not a bad program but sometime I think it is unwieldy.

Another alternative to WhatsApp could be Telegram or Threema. These are open-source applications, too.

The last alternative to Google drive could be Nextcloud. Nextcloud could be better than Own cloud.

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In my dreamland

In my dreamland, in the last night she, the woman from yesterday appeared. But I only know her first name Katja and she lives in Bonn and Bonn is a big city.

Missed I a big chance? I don’t know. The first talk was before the most people has changed her clothes (and she changed into a wetsuit). Then we have talked a little bit but then not so many words.

After the tour we only had a little conversation. My interpretation was that she looked to me but she had a wet wetsuit. For me it is funny because the most wetsuits have the function that they get wet. Of course there is a dry wetsuit and the wet wetsuit. I think that she wore a normal (wet) wetsuit and it is permeable with water. The wetsuit has function that he should protect the human against the cold in the water.

If someone does water sports you must expect that you get wet. This is a principle.

For me it is not a problem. I enjoy water on my skin and clothes. Why, I don’t know exactly. It had begun in the childhood.

It’s sort of weird that we live on a planet where we know that water is very important for us (it is the source of our life) but only for the human thinks that it is a big fault when we getting only a little bit wet, then we are unhappy.

Of course other people had talked at us that that we should dry, take an umbrella, wear a raincoat etc..It is a group dynamic. Yes I wore yesterday a raincoat over my swim shirt, too but the only reason that it seemed that I got colder.

On the water it was little muggy. The light rain fell down onto my sport tights. But after the event I went by bike to the train station and it rained, again. My clothes got slightly wet as before on the river. I got not a cold over the night etc..

Perhaps it is good that you don’t get in contact with other person. Goodness knows which person you meet in the future who are better and is willing to have a contact with me. I have learned in the last five years in my single life that there a lot of chances and in most cases the chance to have a long contact is very evanescent little.

And in most cases (99,9%) the interest came from me. The most women wait like the princess that man asks her a lot but I know in my experience that a conversation should comes from both persons, not only from one. The communication is only one-way. But it is an old problem.

The most people are the meaning that they must do clean every week your apartment, even the sun shines and it is warm. For the most people it is very important. When the Saturday is very nice then they are at home and clean it. If the Sunday is rainy, then they are at home, too because on rainy conditions they don’t go outside.

Of course when I came back from weekend and can narrate a lot of new experiences. They are jealous of me and don’t tell me what they have done.

In most cases I hear that they would do it soon but I know it is only a cant. They won’t do that, they protract it. And after a long life they will moan that they should do it when they are young.

For this reason the communication with a woman is only one-way.

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My first tour on a river with a canoe

Today I was on the little river „Lippe“  for the first time.

I have ordered a little tour by the German canoe association for a little hours. In the past I was on a jolly-boots over the lake Kemnade in Bochum but I did not like it. Sailing boats are not interested in myself.

But I want to be in a kayak and then discover the world from a new perspective. In the end of January I had me registered for this day in Wesel, that is located between Arnhem (The Netherlands) and Düsseldorf (Germany). It is a small town.

The river Lippe flows in the of the Ruhr area that begins in Bad Lippspringe, 240 km eastward of Wesel the the river flows into the Rhine.

Yesterday it was a hot day but today the weather forecast has announced thunderstorms. Today it was not so very hot as yesterday. For my trip I wore my bathing trunk and my 3/4 black sport tights (that I love very well), my swim shirt (Rash guard) (for protecting against the sun and if would fall into water then I will be dry very fast. I know that because I wear it always when I swim in lakes). A raincoat was in the boot, too.

Others wore wetsuits or a combination of very fast dry clothes.

We have started soon with the boats to a place where we could go on water. First we have attempted to check the boats on land. Although I specified that my body measure is 1,93 m the kayak was a little bit too short for me. Another problem was my thighs were very thick for an important thing for the kayak.

So I had to change to a canoe.

We have started very fast with our trip back to Wesel.

As we have reached the first station on our tour a heavy rain has started. The first station was our first break. We stood in heavy rain and every one was happy. People who like water sports are not considerate of weather conditions as normal persons.

We have decided to go to Wesel because the thunderstorm was still over Cologne and Düsseldorf. The light rain has begun again. Of course you get a lot of water from your backer when they did a wrong movement with the paddle. But I don’t have problems with it. It is only water and not sulfuric acid. But a lot of persons who have a big problem with water. I don’t know why.

The end stop we have reached before the thunderstorm came but it has not came to us. It turned the direction to Dortmund or Hamm.

A woman who I liked a little bit wore a wetsuit and she was in a kayak. She has reported that the wetsuit was wetter than she has believed. A wetsuit can be wet, too. She lives in Bonn (in the south of Cologne, the former capital of Germany) and has slept by a friend or boyfriend. We were talking but in a big group I’m always a little bit shy to a nice woman. But she likes apparently water sports, too.

Perhaps I lost a big chance, again.

I will go on the next possibility on water again, perhaps soon in my vacation in Rostock in the next month.

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