Another company, another liking

Another company, another liking

For a few days I work for a Germany company but it’s an IT-service company so that I’m in a foreign company, from India.

For my future work this Indian company trains me. I detect that foreign companies have no problems with the global player in software industry, only the German have a problem.

In lot of German companies wander around the fear to the NSA or something else and they attempt to use always software products that not comes from the US. Or the German media recommends always to use an alternative search engine as Google.

Ok I use Open Source software but I use Skype, too. For a lot of people it would be a betrayal. Linux and Skype (now it’s a MS product) not possible. Yes of course there are a lot of other possibilities in order to use other good software but most people use Skype in most countries and it’s a good software. My ex world friends from Argentina or Algeria only knew Skype. There’s a big problem to explain why they should use another platform.

This company where I’m now, use a lot of propriety software what you know.

It’s ok, I can live with it. Like at the start of this blog I wrote, they don’t have problems and not so much problems as the most Germans.

The German makes always a fool of the constant attack to the US software companies in to order to correct their privacy policies to the German regulation. Primarily Mr. Gabriel want to correct the big companies. It’s always very funny.

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