Boot problems with Mageia 5

Boot problems with Mageia 5

I have still boot problems with my Mageia 5.

The Linux distribution had installed in the past the „new“ kernel 4.4 but with this kernel the Netbook DELL Inspirion Mini 1018 stopped while booting. Yesterday a colleague of me gave me a magazine where it wrote how I can show all the text messages in the boot process. The magazine is oriented to Ubuntu and his derivates. But a lot of information you can use with the other Linux distributions, too.

In case of Mageia 5 you have to press F3 in the boot menu to open a drop-down menu, then you can change to different options. One option is to change the boot parameters. Then you go in this line of commands to the words: „quiet“ and „splash“ and delete this words. After that you can see all the messages that Linux say when it is booting.

After a while it stopped at an error message and unfortunately you can’t type something in a new line or etc.. But it was good possibility to take a picture of the error messages. I look around in meanly in the Mageia forum. There is a workaround, too.

Mageia error messages in the boot process with Kernel 4.4

The other Mageia users said to another person in the past you have to look after in the boot.log. That is a text document that protocols the boot process.

In most cases you can find this file in root /var/log. This is the directory where Linux in most cases save all log files.

Unfortunately boot.log shows you only the last boot and not the boot processes in the past and when I boot with the old kernel 3.19, boot.log showed this process.

You can watch the file with a normal text editor (in the command-line I prefer „nano“) but via the tool mc (midnight commander) you watch it with F3.

Now I have asked the Mageia Community in Google+ for solving this problem because Mageia 6 is nearly ready and waiting and I think that the new version doesn’t use the old Kernel 3.19.

I thought about it, that I should install a new mainboard for my old (nearly 8 years) netbook because the tablets does not such a big hard drive (yes, it is a flash drive, but the function is the same). Here I have 250 GB hard drive.

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