Debian is more difficult as Arch Linux

Debian is more difficult as Arch Linux

I said goodbye to Arch Linux. After my problem with the nvidia driver I thought it would be problem with this kind of operating system because it uses the newest software version.

Debian was always a favourite besides of Fedora. Debian not uses the newest software version. For example it uses the kernel 4.9 instead of kernel 4.15. But 4.9 is a long-term support kernel.

On Monday morning I have installed Debian via command line net-installer. The installation was sometimes difficult because the it wants to have some specific information from me. Luckily the installer could recognize my network card. I knew from the past that one of the older versions gave me a choice of network cards during the installation process. I was really surprised.

Unfortunately on Debian I have the same problems with my graphic driver as in Arch Linux. I have asked myself why I have so less problems with Fedora and the nouveau open-source driver. Here in Fedora 26 and in 25 and 23 before I never have used the nvidia driver. But here I use Gnome in Fedora. I was convinced that it should be a relation with Gnome.

Not at all. Under lspci I found that I use here (in Fedora) another version of nouveau and I have installed another graphic chip as on my pc in my bedroom and this cooperation is working fine. I must know it because I’m sure that Fedora will change soon from kernel 4.14 to 4.15 and I have asked myself I would have the same problems as in Arch Linux.

Back to Debian. On Debian I have installed beside pdftk and the video-conferencing tool „Jitsi“ and I have obeyed the instruction on the Jitsi side which describes how it works with Debian. I have installed successfully the Jitsi onto my hard drive but I cannot start the program. In all versions what I have inserted into the command line, the command line says: „I cannot find your program“. Under Arch Linux it was so easy. I have installed the AUR package via Java and the program appears in the menu. Jitsi is the open-source version of Skype and I already hear it: „Why do you do it very difficult (with your life), why don’t you use Skype?“.  Yes I already have a private Skype account and have installed it but why we don’t give another programs the same chance as Skype. The development of Skype for Linux took longer than for MS Windows and Mac and you already know Skype is a Microsoft program.

I will check the problem with Jitsi on weekend because during the work week the time after work is very short and in morning I don’t like it, to check it, too. At the moment I have the late shift from 11.15 am to 8 pm and I’m tired after my work because I live against my biological clock.

I can imagine that I will install Arch Linux as a second operating system behind Fedora. Unfortunately it is a big hype for Arch Linux, too. It is hip but it is easy to use it. Debian is for me more difficult. The thing with Jitsi I see it.

Debian is a server operating system that Arch Linux not is. Time will tell. During the installation process of Debian I have added the files for a server, too.

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