In my dreamland

In my dreamland

In my dreamland, in the last night she, the woman from yesterday appeared. But I only know her first name Katja and she lives in Bonn and Bonn is a big city.

Missed I a big chance? I don’t know. The first talk was before the most people has changed her clothes (and she changed into a wetsuit). Then we have talked a little bit but then not so many words.

After the tour we only had a little conversation. My interpretation was that she looked to me but she had a wet wetsuit. For me it is funny because the most wetsuits have the function that they get wet. Of course there is a dry wetsuit and the wet wetsuit. I think that she wore a normal (wet) wetsuit and it is permeable with water. The wetsuit has function that he should protect the human against the cold in the water.

If someone does water sports you must expect that you get wet. This is a principle.

For me it is not a problem. I enjoy water on my skin and clothes. Why, I don’t know exactly. It had begun in the childhood.

It’s sort of weird that we live on a planet where we know that water is very important for us (it is the source of our life) but only for the human thinks that it is a big fault when we getting only a little bit wet, then we are unhappy.

Of course other people had talked at us that that we should dry, take an umbrella, wear a raincoat etc..It is a group dynamic. Yes I wore yesterday a raincoat over my swim shirt, too but the only reason that it seemed that I got colder.

On the water it was little muggy. The light rain fell down onto my sport tights. But after the event I went by bike to the train station and it rained, again. My clothes got slightly wet as before on the river. I got not a cold over the night etc..

Perhaps it is good that you don’t get in contact with other person. Goodness knows which person you meet in the future who are better and is willing to have a contact with me. I have learned in the last five years in my single life that there a lot of chances and in most cases the chance to have a long contact is very evanescent little.

And in most cases (99,9%) the interest came from me. The most women wait like the princess that man asks her a lot but I know in my experience that a conversation should comes from both persons, not only from one. The communication is only one-way. But it is an old problem.

The most people are the meaning that they must do clean every week your apartment, even the sun shines and it is warm. For the most people it is very important. When the Saturday is very nice then they are at home and clean it. If the Sunday is rainy, then they are at home, too because on rainy conditions they don’t go outside.

Of course when I came back from weekend and can narrate a lot of new experiences. They are jealous of me and don’t tell me what they have done.

In most cases I hear that they would do it soon but I know it is only a cant. They won’t do that, they protract it. And after a long life they will moan that they should do it when they are young.

For this reason the communication with a woman is only one-way.

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