Indoor pool Oberhausen, Rhein-Herne Channel and etc..

Indoor pool Oberhausen, Rhein-Herne Channel and etc..

In the last days I was on the move again. The sun has shined and it was really warm, around 24 degrees. It has felt like a summer day. I wore a short shorts and my first destination on Sunday was the indoor swimming pool in Oberhausen.

On Saturday I did nothing except a short journey to the main station. On Friday evening had begun the construction works between Essen and Duisburg. No train is running at the moment. The old Thyssenbridge is demolishing and the German railway is preparing the first works for a new electronic railway control centre.

On Sunday I went by train from the station Essen-Altenessen (here are stopping two train lines that should go normally via Essen main station. The platform is long enough for the double decker trains from Bombardier.

The train lines RE1 (Hamm to Aachen) and RE6 (Minden-Cologne Airport) stop here and the usually line RE3 (Hamm to Düsseldorf) from the private railway company Eurobahn. The line S2 (suburb train line) does not run because it is too slowly for the long-distance trains like IC and ICE.

The train station Essen-Altenessen was opened in 1845 by Köln-Mindener Eisenbahn (a former private railway company) with has connected Cologne with Minden and Hamburg via Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Wanne-Eickel, Herne, Dortmund, Hamm/Westfalen, Bielefeld to Minden.

Essen-Altenessen (in former times Altenessen was an independent town) was the first main station until the current main station was opened by Bergisch-Märkische Eisenbahn in 1862.

On Sunday morning I took the RE3 to Oberhausen with my bike and the rest distance to the indoor swimming pool. It was a sunny and a little bit cold morning. But swimming is the best sports for me.

Indoor pool Oberhausen


The indoor pool is located in the south part of the city centre of Oberhausen, near Anne-Frank school and the sports hall Willy-Jürissen where the first team of NB Oberhausen (Women basket-ball) were playing and HSG RW Oberhausen (men) are playing.

After swimming I was at the Rhein-Herne channel. Near quarter Oberhausen Lirich there is a lock and I don’t know why but locks are very nice for me. The lock in Lirich is not like a big thing like the former in Waltrop Henrichenburg. It is a functional lock.

Lock Oberhausen-Lirich

On the bank of the Rhein-Herne channel there are not tarred ways where you go by bike or walk.

The next destination was the area around „Oberhausen Neue Mitte“ with the gasometer (gasholder), the arena and the shopping centre. But I have no head for heights so this reason I only was one time on the roof of the gasometer. In the height (in the plane or on a high tower) I can watch to the clouds but direct to the earth then my legs relent directly.

Gasometer Oberhausen

The shopping centre and the arena stand on a former industry complex of Thyssen. The industrial plant was demolished.

You can go by car to the shopping centre and by tram and bus. They have their own street between Oberhausen main station and Oberhausen-Sterkrade.

From Oberhausen „Neue Mitte“ I went directly to Essen via the quarter Dellwig, Borbeck, Bergeborbeck and Altenessen to Stoppenberg, where I live.

On Monday on work I have felt the force in my leg and the tiredness.I think I was on Monday not a good IT men on the phone.

For the early shift that begin on 7 am I must take the RE3 from Essen-Altenessen to Düsseldorf airport railway station. I must leave the house on 5 am in order to take the train on 5.39 am.

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