Malaga 3

Malaga 3

In September 2012 I‘m going to visit the town Malaga in Spain. I‘ll take the plane from the airport Dusseldorf to Zurich. There I must change the plane in order to fly to Malaga. For the first time I fly with Swiss. I didn‘t fly with Lufthansa from Dusseldorf to Malaga with a nonstop-flight because they only fly two times in the week (Saturday and Sunday).

When I was young I was several times in Spain. I visited the Canary Island Tenerife for 4 times and then the towns of Barcelona, Tarragona and Bilbao. Now I decided to travel to the South of Spain.

I rent an apartment in the city-center of Malaga. In this case I must take the train from the airport to the main station and then I must change into a local bus.

I hope the sun will shining and the weather is hot and I can swim the sea again.

A few trips to other towns could be to Sevilla and perhaps to Granada and / or Gibraltar.

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