My first bought PDF magazine

My first bought PDF magazine

Yesterday evening I have ordered me the first magazine for my tablet. It is a magazine about Android from the publisher PC-Welt. This magazine has cost 6,99 Euro and I have ordered it from the shop of PC Welt. I could pay it with my normal bank account instead of a credit card or Paypal. I’m incredulous to Paypal for a long time. I don’t trust it really.

Now with my tablet I want to say goodbye to most of the magazines on paper.

At moment I scan my old paper magazines of CT and IX into my computer and save it as a pdf file. Then I upload it to Google Drive and then download it to my tablet.

It could be possible that I would buy the famous magazines of Nature or Science. The paper version I never would order but now it is possible (perhaps I don’t check up the conditions of payment).

For my leave in Rostock I have ordered a standing order for the local newspaper for that I know something about the region and perhaps I find some useful events for the evening.

The local newspaper is called: Ostseezeitung and the standing order is free of charge for me. For the most people it is antiqued to read a newspaper (it is the digital version for my tablet).

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