My first tablet

My first tablet

In the last week I got my first tablet.

It is a Trekstor Primetab P10. Yes I already have reported about it but only a little notice.

After one week, my first week I’m sold on it. It’s a good tablet and it will change my life rapid. The most things what I did in the past was very analog but now I think with this machine my life will change.

I have installed a lot of applications. I have installed a database program program with a view to create little databases, a command line program (for using the command line in Android), an epub and LibreOffice reader, the application for the transport association VRR and the Deutsche Bahn AG, a little notice program in order to notice my mind before work and after work and the instant messenger „Telegram“.

No „Whatsapp“ I don’t want to install it. Whatsapp is never an option for me.

In the meantime I have tested the application for my library in order to loan magazines and books. But I have determined that they need the Adobe ID rights and I think for a public library it is not ok, that they use this kind of rights. Of course they want to be certain for protection for a abuse. That’s ok, but not I think there are other possibilities above all you can loan only one day a magazine. In my first collection there was a German magazine for people who are young-at-heart but the loan time is only one day.

Then it is OK, when you buy it and you can read it a fairly long time.

Today I have bought me a supplementary memory chip. I must have a micro sd port. My desktop pc recognizes the memory chip and could save data, but my tablet cannot see it. It is the same as with my usb drive.

Even when I’m in the command line and when I type in „lsusb“ the tablet cannot see my usb drive.

The most known to me Linux orders I can use in the command line in Android, too. I think there is blockade in the tablet or in the operating system Android. I guess it is the last one but I don’t want every upload to Google Drive.

I almost install the Citrix secure hub and mail that I also do support during my working hours but I have denied me the installation.

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