New trip to Mönchengladbach, Neersen and Krefeld

New trip to Mönchengladbach, Neersen and Krefeld

The warm and dry weather bestows a good weekend in order to do trip into the neighbourship of Essen and furthermore.

I decided to go (bike and train) to Mönchengladbach again and again as on 07/05/2018 due to works on rails between Krefeld and Mönchengladbach the trains stops in Krefeld main station or they must do a route deviation. The regional train line RE42 had to do it, again. Today there was a special case because due to another works on rails, the trains between Düsseldorf and Neuss were cancelled.

I always read in job application that the new employee should have organisation ability but in realty that means that for the own company not for the client.

The incomprehensibility is that in Germany the railway is stopped due to works and the parallel motorway is closed due to street works, too.

Today I went with the RE42 from Essen main station to Mönchengladbach main station.

Mönchengladbach main station with the bus station

My first destination was the Sportscheck shop in the city centre of Mönchengladbach because the summer arrives and perhaps they would have good new bathing suits. The offer of new clothes is unassumingly. A small corner (for a sport shop it is too less – I think) offers the bathing suits for men.

After that I took my bike and went to the small airport of Mönchengladbach (EDLN) had been offering flights to London but for a lot of years there is no public air transportation. But some ATR42’s are based at for maintenance works.

ATR 42 on the apron of the airport of Mönchengladbach

I decided to go further in direction to Krefeld. On the way there you see the castle Neersen. Neersen is a quarter of the town Willich. Willich is know in the radio traffic service for the exit: „Willich-Schiefbahn“ of the motorway A52.

In Willich only has one railway railway station, the station Anrath of the train line RB33 (Aachen-Duisburg) but today not in service (railway works).

The entrance of the castle Neersen in Willich

I only was in the castle in Neersen, an old moated castle that is vouched from 1371 and a little bit in the quarter but not long. My destination was Krefeld city centre. Along the country road I went by bike but I had to stop at the south border of Krefeld because for the car driver the town administration always offer big roads but for us cyclist we must be satisfied with small humpy cycle path.

At the south border of Krefeld the cycle path ends at the country road because the country road changes to bigger street with the maximum speed of 70 km/h. The most car drivers confuses the issue because 70 km/h is the maximum speed. They think minimum 70 km/ because as I still was a car driver I went 70 km/h but for 99 % of they I was too slow.

I muddled through the little streets in the little quarter to the city centre of Krefeld.

I ate there a burger and took the next RB 33 from Krefeld main station to Duisburg and then the S2 to Zollverein North.

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