Problems with Fedora 25 and a solved problem with Mageia 5

15. Dezember 2016 Aus Von elsenorweb

The new Wayland display server in Fedora 25 have a problem with my computer. In the last days VLC was crashing after I wanted to move the songs in the playlist. It did it today, too.  Or VLC can’t start with my old movie files on the external drive.

Yes I read, that I can put back the x-server in Fedora 25 to instead of Wayland. But I don’t know if I should do this and how easy this solution is.

The other problem is to start the program „gparted“, because in Wayland you can’t do it and all icons in the programs „Geany“ and „Osmo“ are disappeared.

A solved problem was with Mageia 5, which I have installed on my netbook for „a long time“. I forgot my root password because I want to install the new updates on it.

With these instructions in the Mageia forum I could reset it.

-> Instructions.

So, I have now a root password for Mageia 5 and I could install the new updates.