Swimming in Düsseldorf-Unterrath

Swimming in Düsseldorf-Unterrath

After work I was swimming this afternoon. I had to do it because the last two days were very busy. From my work to the swimming pool in Unterrath in the Mettlacher Str. 55 (40468 Düsseldorf) it is a short distance. I only needed 20 minutes. That’s ok because on a winter evening it is not so very nice to go a long distance.

My swim clothes is a yellow waterproof bag. Origin it is created for saving the content against water. In my case I use it contrary to it. That means that the wet swim clothes after swimming should not weep my bicycle bag.

the entrance of the swimming pool in Düsseldorf-Unterrath

I can park my bike near the entrance of the swimming pool.

The entrance fee is 4,60 € for adults for the whole day. The swimming pool offers the opening hours from 7 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and 11 am to 18 pm on Sunday.

There is a swimming pool for swimming and jumping and a small pool for relaxing and water slide. But this water slide was closed today due to technical problems.

The big pool was used by a some swimmers, more women than men. I swam my lanes.

In the past I was one hour earlier than today (because I had the early shift) and the pool was a little bit too full.

In the darkness the of the swimming pool you could see the water lightning because the ceiling lightning was not on.

I swam 30 minutes with two little breaks because I wanted to swim but not as endurance training. The women and man swam very fast.

I left the swimming pool, in order to go by bike to the airport railway station and then back to Essen.

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