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The week is over

The work week is over now. Now the weekend has begun and I’m happy. The week in the early shift was not so hard except this morning. This morning we had a lot of calls. It is the same volume as on Monday. Some times I think the most people work only on Monday and…

Von elsenorweb 26. Januar 2018 Aus

Dordrecht from 04.06. to 07.06.2015

In the last four days I was in Dordrecht, a town in the south of Rotterdam, that has 119.000 inhabitants. Yes, it isn’t small but not so big as Rotterdam or Amsterdam. First I took the train from Germany (from Essen) to Dordrecht. I’m attentive about the emphasis „Germany“ because there is a town in…

Von elsenorweb 8. Juni 2015 Aus