The week is over

The week is over

The work week is over now. Now the weekend has begun and I’m happy.

The week in the early shift was not so hard except this morning. This morning we had a lot of calls. It is the same volume as on Monday. Some times I think the most people work only on Monday and Friday or only on Monday or Friday the computers get in strike.

Due to my early shift (finally, the next three weeks I don’t have it) I could do a lot of things after work. On Monday I had an appointment with my orthodontist. It was the first appointment after two years. For a lot of years I wear a brace (but the doctor always says the American word: retainer) behind my incisors and due to the narrow point there is always calculus. The dental assistant had removed and now it feels better. This Monday, after more than 20 years in therapy I got to know the young brother of my orthodontist. He has worked on this day because my orthodontist was not in the doctors surgery.

I could park my bike in front of the doctors surgery. That was very helpful and not naturally, my others doctors have not this possibility.

On Wednesday I bought me a long new sport tights at Declathon in the city center. I had to need a new one. The new sport tight has a grey-black design in the first part of the material and the rest is black. It looks wonderful.

On last Saturday I saw a woman with a colorful sport tight in the city centre while she went shopping.

In Germany the distance to a important location is for a cyclist longer than in the Netherlands. I always think that the Germans think that a bike should not be in evidence of the public. The parking are always in a distance to the main entrance. In the Netherlands the parking are near the entrance. You have go only a few steps. For example in Arnhem, at Albert Heijn or in Delfjzijl at Albert Heijn or all other supermarkets it is the same. The Germans think first my car, then the pedestrian and then the cyclist. The cyclist can park in a small corner where we cannot see it.

Yesterday I could take the train line RE3 from Düsseldorf airport to Essen-Altenessen. I cannot take everyday because when my work is over either the train comes in a few minutes or more than 50 minutes. Normally I go with RE2 or RE6 to Essen main station and that’s is in the long run a little bit boring. Besides on the RE3 operates the company Eurobahn with the Flirt-trains (in most cases as double traction (that means two rail cars are connected to one train). From Essen-Altenessen to Stoppenberg it is nearly the same distance but the topography is better.

This afternoon I only bought me the new IT-magazines IX that there was a new edition since yesterday.

Normally I read this magazines:

and some times

Yes they are on paper because I think that I can collect it alongside my bed and I can read it in the night when I cannot sleep.

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