The embedding of media drives into Thunar (Arch Linux)

The embedding of media drives into Thunar (Arch Linux)

It’s a load off my mind. I can read finally media on my Arch Linux with Xfce 4.12 pc.

After a very busy day in the IT-Helpdesk for solving problems with MS Windows 7 and Windows 10 I found the time for searching the problem in my new Arch Linux in order know why I cannot insert automatically a DVD / media in Thunar.

Now I know it. You must install the programs

In the command-line you install it with root access with

pacman -Sy (program name)

Now I’m happy because it is very instructive to do it itself. It memorizes into your brain more than you have it directly after your installation. Of course apart from that it is very important that I report it here in my blog. Perhaps other persons have the same problems. It could be a contact-point in order to solve their problems.

my former fstab

First I attempted to insert the mount point in the /etc/fstab but it had not worked. I changed the row but suddenly Arch Linux could not boot. I only could change with administrators in a security environment the /etc/fstab manually. In former times I would fume at the operating system but Linux had taught me that there is always a solution and sometimes it could take longer than I think before but with Linux there is always a solution, via command-line.

And because there are so many helpful other users in the communities.

I had deleted my additional entry in the /etc/fstab. It is more safety as you set an octothrope.

During my daily work it is very useful to help the user and to chat with other support chats that the only thing is that you are quiet. Truth to be told after a weekend only with Linux, it is in the working week sometimes very difficult to work with MS Windows.

My next destination here is at home that the two computers (Arch Linux and Fedora 26) are connected via Openssh in order to send the data from one to another.

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