A sunny day in Borken/Westfalen

A sunny day in Borken/Westfalen

I was spontaneous in Borken/Westfalen. When I write Borken then I mean the town in North Rhine-Westfalia because there is another Borken in Hesse in the south of Kassel.

Original I would go to Düsseldorf but the two local trains were very full on this morning so that I decided to take to another place because I’m not fixed to my destination with my bike.

My route app works in every town.

With the local train RE14 I took the one hour journey to Borken. Borken is not really in the transport association VRR but for route with the RE14 and the bus line 295 (R21) it is possible. Before a few weeks I got in contact with the transport association VRR in order to settle the question what are transport conditions. For me it was not clear.

In Borken there is the terminal stop of the railway line. In former times the line went to the Netherlands (Winterswijk) but for a long time the connection is broken and unfortunately no one cannot reactivate it because the old route is full with buildings.

Bus line S75 to Münster/Westfalen

Near train station there is the bus station with good connection by bus from Bocholt to Münster with the line S75. The transport company operates here with a double-decker bus.

First I went to the city centre for a first visit in order to search a toilet. I found it in a commercial centre.

I was two years ago, in Borken, too but with my former car and now the first time with my bike.

In a shop for drinks outside of the city centre I had to buy a drink (water) because it is hot again. The house building of Borken is not so very compact here so that a little wind goes through the streets.

Water castle Gemen

My next destination was a little castle in the quarter Gemen, in the north of the city centre. It is apparently a favourite destination for weddings. This time (and for two years) there were a lot of bride and groom. My personal marriage would take a lot of time in the future or never. I have been not found a nice woman for me.

But I’m pleased that someone has found another lovely person. I can still wait for a very long time.

After this I went to the little airfield of Borken-Hoxfeld. It is an airfield that is located in the north-west of the town near the federal street B70,  with a grass runway. It is an airfield for gliders or the UL’s. I think I saw an Ikarus C42 in the foreground of the hangar but I’m not sure. Three gliders parked on the unpaved runway ready for take off.

Via little streets and and the main street (L581) between Borken and Bocholt via Rhede I went back to Borken city centre.

The small river Bocholter Aa in the city centre

In the city centre in front of the market place I ate something and drunk a little bit. Borken is not a big city, a small one where you pass it very fast.

With the next train on 3.30 pm I went back to Essen.

Borken is the starting point for me for a long tour to Winterswijk (The Netherland). I saw a bike bus, again on the line R76 (to Ahaus). I could image that I took this bus line to Stadtlohn and then I go the rest by bike to Winterswijk.

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