The last weekend in January 2017 is over now

The last weekend in January 2017 is over now

Only in a few hours the weekend will over.

I swam again, in the morning in the indoor swimming pool in Gelsenkirchen. It was a raining morning, but not so very cold as the last days in the former week, luckily. Contrary to this it was dry so that I could take my car to work.

This morning I took the tram (line 107) at 7.54 a.m. to the indoor swimming pool in Gelsenkirchen, again. This morning it was not so very full so that I could swim a long time (a long time for me). In contrast to the other indoor swimming pools I always feel that the water is more softer than I’m used to or the waves are not so „high“ as in other pools.

After my wonderful swimming I walked to the main station of Gelsenkirchen. In the next week this indoor swimming pool will be closed due to swim competition and I will fall back to another location.

Gelsenkirchen shops on Sunday
Gelsenkirchen with closed shops on Sunday

From the swimming pool to the main station I passed the pedestrian zone (of course the shops were closed, it’s Sunday). In the library of the main station I would buy me a pc magazine but I don’t know, I’m very often to shy to buy it.  I’m often think that the subjects are not really in my interests.

From the main station there are a lot of possibilities in order to go home. With the tram line 107, the whole way back, or with the bus lines 194 to Achternbergstraße and then change into the bus line 155 to Stoppenberg, with the bus line 381 to Landschede and the bus line 155 to Stoppenberg or the S2 (train) to the Zollverein-North station (Zollverein is the famous mine in Essen and perhaps in Europe) and then the bus line 183 or the tram line 107 to Stoppenberg.

I decided to take the S2 to Zollverein North station because there were only five minutes of its arriving. Due to works on section of the line between Gelsenkirchen and Wanne-Eickel all trains terminated here. It is a short trip to Zollverein North, only a few minutes.

At the tram station I detected that the connection was not good. I should wait more than 20 minutes. I would the train one hour later that connection were good. For this long time I went to the next bakery and bought me something to eat for Sunday. Spontaneous I went by feet back to home. It was a trip about nearly 50 minutes and I took the shortest way, but only along the main street.

Schonnebeck cemetery little chapel
Schonnebeck cemetery little chapel

A little part was the passing on the cemetery where my father lie. The anniversary approaches in two days‘ time. For one year I was at this time in the hospital and I was sure that his life would be end. The effect of the stroke were clearly visible. Now he is in an urn on a place that I don’t know because it’s a anonym funeral.

At 11 a.m I reached my apartment in the south of Stoppenberg.

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