The week is over and I work in a new company

The week is over and I work in a new company

Since Monday I work for a new company. It is an Indian big company which has in Germany some locations. It is a company that it is normally unnoticed in German public although it has 450.000 employees, alone for this part of the parent company.

For me it will not change because I do the same job as before as I work for the German company Bechtle GmbH. I do the IT help desk for a big worldwide audit company. It is a nice job (I think) but of course in every company, little, (10 employees) to big (500.000 employees) there are the same problems, the same beliefs that a process does not work as you can do it easy. In every company where I was the employees rail against a certain process. I think it is the nature of a human.

From Monday to Tuesday I had two days on-boarding in Frankfurt/Main. The company presents us what they offer and what not.

There is another famous Frankfurt in Germany. In East-Germany there is Frankfurt/Oder (the river is called „Oder“) and in the common language use you say Frankfurt/Main or Frankfurt/Oder.

My bike in the cabin for bike in the empty train

I took my bike to Frankfurt by train. Yes on even a business trip my bike is not absent. It was easy because I have accustomed myself to this process and it is nicer you have your accompanied luggage on your bike as you must pull a suitcase. In summer holiday I have taken clothes for 10 days with the bike.

The days were good. The arrival was two days before the on-boarding process because I wanted to get know a little bit Frankfurt/Main. Mostly I only was one day in Frankfurt but I had the chance to stay here longer.

I swam again on Sunday morning in the swimming pool in the quarter Sachsenhausen that is in the south of the city centre and there two railway stations for the local traffic. It was a little indoor pool, only with one basin with a length about 25 meters. I love (and I need) swimming.

On the sunny day I went by bike first in the north of Frankfurt and to Eschborn. Eschborn is located in the north-west of Frankfurt, it has 21.419 habitants and has a big area with companies in the south of the town.

The company that I do the IT Helpdesk has a big location there. I take up the cause of visiting the most locations of this company. In Eschborn I ate something in a local favour restaurant and went back to Frankfurt. I enjoyed the last warm ray of sunlight at the bank of the river Main that was very overcrowded because Frankfurt celebrated his new old town. I found a seating and could watch the people and the water.

The river Main in Frankfurt


German steam engine BR 01 on rails at the river Main

After the days in the company I was still in the accommodation or on the last day in the city centre. I had discovered Sportscheck, a famous German company that sells sport clothes.

Rainy day in the city centre

I wear every day, except to important events like the on-boarding or on work et something others, my normal sport clothes. It is comfortable and I like colours. The normal clothes is so very dismal for me. Women can do this, men not – why?

Frankfurt main station

On the German Unity Day I returned back to Essen and the normal work began yesterday.

There were stressful working days. I must still set up all the applications on the company laptop (my first one – ever because I only had a netbook) and the Iphone SE (new thing). The laptop is for me very heavy. I only know the weight of my netbook.

Someone from my circle in Google+ has written me that I would not appreciate the new device. Before he has written it, I only had written that the appliance is more complicated as my Android tablet. I did not write that I hate the Iphone. The big disadvantage only is that it is very small for my big thumb or finger.

Yesterday evening I set up it, a little bit more.

Today the temperature will climb and I want to buy some new things. In the afternoon I could swim again.

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