Very funny and shutdown

Very funny and shutdown

In the last night I woke up and could not sleep. Near my bed stands a desktop pc with my Bodhi Linux (an Ubuntu deviate). I launched the pc and want to listen to music. Most of the time in the evening I listen to a radio station on Saint Martin, an island in the Caribbean Sea. On the French part there is a very nice radio station that plays very good songs.

I decided to turn it on. But the problem is that then the pc runs all over night. I remembers there is an option in Linux (and in Windows perhaps, too), that the pc shutdown after a certain time. First I wanted to do a time job with the command line program „at“ but in the next moment I thought it would very laborious but there is a possibility to use the order shutdown.

With shutdown you can order your Linux operating system to shutdown after a certain time.

sudo shutdown -h now

the OS powers down immediately but with the other options

sudo shutdown -h 60

it worked perfectly because the „60“ or another time interval in minutes means that the system powers down after 60 minutes.

I did it, I fell asleep and exact after 60 minutes I woke up and heard the pc switched off. The pc monitor I switched off before I made me comfortable in bed, only the blue lamp in front of the pc was a problem but I covered it with a pc magazine.

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