Borken – Heiden – Raesfeld

Borken – Heiden – Raesfeld

In these town I was today with the car. I started my journey in the morning from Essen and used the federal road B224 to Gladbeck and turned into the motorway / free way A2 (in Germany free way it’s called Autobahn and then we have an „A“ in front of the number). The A2 goes from Oberhausen to Werder in the area of Berlin, the capital of Germany. I used the A2 to the motorway junction Bottrop to the A31 (Bottrop-Emden in the North of Germany near the North Sea). Long roadworks in a length about 4 kilometres near Lembeck (a quarter Dorsten) narrowed the lane and reduced the speed (in Germany in most cases from 120 km per hour to 60 km per hour).

Car drivers don’t keep the speed in roadworks. They go in most cases faster than 60 km per hour.  In the exit „Borken“ I changed the motorway onto the federal road (B67) that is a well-built road where you can drive with 100 km per hour. In Germany the federal road are called „Bundesstraße“ because it’s a road that pays the government. The motorway/free way are in the area of responsibility of the government, too. Another short changing onto the B70 I took a normal road to the lake that is situated in the west of the centre.

At the lake there is a little beach where you can swim, eat something and go to the toilet and there is no entry.

I swam there a little bit and lay in the sun but not too long because I went round the lakes. There is another big lake where you can borrow a paddle boat but I didn’t do that.

I visit still a little castle in the north of the centre. But it’s not a museum, it’s a new building for the childhood. The castle is old but the building is still in use.


After that I was for a little time in Heiden. A very little town in the south of Borken. But my car couldn’t become cooler; he had to do one more movement to another little town, southernmost of Heiden.

The little town is called Raesfeld. It’s a countryfied town with a church. This church is the northernmost terminus of a bus line in the transport association VRR. The line 293 goes from here to Dorsten. The shady trees near the church gave the car a little refreshment. I looked for a restaurant for eating something. In front of the town hall I found a little bistro where I could eat something.

I ate a little baguette with boiled ham and salad. It was a big dose for change.

Due to roadworks in Raesfeld I went to the west in the direction of Wesel but after a while I saw a sign for a road to Dinslaken and the motorway A3 (Oberhausen-Emmerich). The rest journey I preferred a faster road than a normal street.

In the afternoon I arrived here and now I will still eating something.

It was very nice. Nicer than I could imagine in the beginning of planning the day but in most cases I’m spontaneous :-).

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