Change from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28

Change from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28

The next change is performed.

This morning I have changed my Fedora system from Fedora 27 to 28, because Fedora 27 has reached EOL (End of Life). EOL means, there are no new updates and updates are very important. Fortunately I’m not a Windows user who always clutches to his operating system (for example Windows XP). Only people from the IT knows the importance of updates.

In my work in the IT helpdesk every big update, every times where it takes a few minutes, the user is irritated and says: „Why must this update comes now?“. Ok, sometimes it is very bizarre when Windows does an update. But it would not do it, I think we would have a lot of not updated operating systems in companies.

Even the new look of Gnome (from the 2 series to 3 series was not the end of the world for me).

I do the change of the version number in Fedora on a time where I have the most time. Two days without a new update of a distribution is not the end of the world, too. But you never do it longer than a week when you know there won’t be new updates.

I do it in the command line because it is much easier than the graphical environment. You only need three orders. That’s all. The most of the time you must wait. I have waited 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Before I have upgraded, I had uninstalled programs that I never had use it and I did a backup of my important data, settings in the RSS-Feed programs (QuiteRSS), Firefox (bookmarks and passwords) and data like your own photos etc…

Normally there are no problems but you never know……

Only hint: It could accelerate the process when you are doing nothing with your network when the operating system downloads the packages. In my work experience I know every one is the meaning that he/she wants to do other things with the network and wonders about error messages etc…

I started with (I became root)

dnf upgrade –refresh


The first step to Fedora 28


then you need this plugin

dnf install system-plugin-system-upgrade

The next step is to download the packages:

dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=28

After this you see a new order in the command line

dnf system-upgrade reboot

The reboot and install the packages for Fedora 28

Even if you see the old kernel of your previous operating system, you must boot the latest kernel and after this the new package were installed. This process could take a long time (at least 45 to 60 minutes) and you only see one row and Fedora logo that at the beginning grey and should have in the end the normal colour.

The system does a normal routine of upgrading. That means in Fedora that it installs the new packages, removes then the old one and checks the new one. That this there is reboot of the system to the log in prompt to your display manager. I use Gnome 3 and in my case it is the Gdm display manager.

I still use Xorg. I wait until Wayland just as well. In Fedora 25 or 26 it had looked harrowing because a lot of programs did not the normal icons in it.

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