New camera

New camera

I just have bought me a new camera by

It’s a Sony DSC-WX350 for 228 Euro and supplementary a memory card (SDHC) about 32 GB and a little bag for the camera. I must pay then 262 Euro.

The current camera, a Canon PowerShot A610 with 5 megapixel has an age about 10 years and the pictures aren’t so good but it performs a service. Yesterday after the snowfall in the morning I saw grainy pictures and the video was it, too.

10 years ago the pictures were good, but now? During my holiday 2005 in Barcelona (Spain) I had still my old analogue camera and after that I changed into digital.  I don’t know how many pictures I had since 2005/2006, but I think it would be more than 10.000 because the camera was my constant companion, every day.

I’m glad of ordering the camera because after the time to think about it was two or three weeks.

The new camera should deliver on 15.02.2017.

In this spring I want to buy a new bike and a lot of other expensive things for my apartment here so that I don’t travel this year to destination in the south of Europe.


Otherwise I updated my WordPress software here on the Strato-Server to the version 4.7.2. I attempted to update in the past to the 4.6 version but the server was on strike. I didn’t know what kind of problems they had.

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