Swimming in Mülheim / Friedrich-Wennmann Bad

Swimming in Mülheim / Friedrich-Wennmann Bad

Once a week I go regularly swimming in the indoor pools around Essen. Strangely enough since the administration of Essen had increased the prices for their indoor pools I go to neighbourhood although they have the entry prices as Essen. Perhaps there is no incentive for me to go to Essen.

This time I was in the Friedrich-Wennmann Bad (Bad = indoor pool) in Mülheim-Heißen.

First I bought me new clothes at Peek&Cloppenburg (an elevated fashion store) where I have a loyalty card. A new shirt and a new T-Shirt is now in my property. After that I took the motorway A40 that crosses the city centre to the intersection exit Mülheim-Heißen. The indoor pool is near the motorway and the metro U18 (Essen Berliner Platz to Mülheim main station).

Indoor pool Mülheim
The indoor pool in Mülheim

The indoor pool is opened from 7 am to 8 pm on Saturday. For a normal indoor pool is this an exception because the most open only to 1 pm or 3.30 pm.

The indoor pool has a 25 metre basin and the little one for the young children. In the big basin the was was heated to 30°C (86°F). In Germany this is called „Warmwassertag“. For lane swimming is that no so good.

Nevertheless I swam 20 minutes in water after that I relaxed something. Here are a lot of young women frequent the pool. In other indoor pool I only see old women or men or very young. What is the special incentive of this pool, I don’t know.

I don’t know when I will return to this indoor pools. The last one I was in the last year or the year before.

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