The first work day in this week / the first tablet

The first work day in this week / the first tablet

After the fantastic weekend on the river and the big tour through my neighborhood of Essen, the new week has begun with misty weather conditions but it was not cold.

Normally I take the regional train, RE11 from Essen main station to Düsseldorf airport but this morning the train was very full although three railcars were stringed together. I have decided to use the commuter train S1 on the same way to airport. Normally there are coupled two railcars but this morning the German railway company had decided to use only one in the rush hour.

It was very full, nearly overcrowded. The main thing is the train was not canceled.

On the way back I had the good luck that I could take a delayed regional train back to Essen main station. But the organization of this company is very catastrophically because the display on the platform showed the train that should depart later but this train not. The operation centre does not know what the displays show on the platform.

The train that had a big delay run yet in the last few seconds on this track but 5 or 10 minutes earlier. A passenger with the destination Voerde was in the wrong train. Fortunately both trains stop in Duisburg, too

I love trains since my childhood but I don’t understand the organization of the company. To err is human.

In the evening I’m going to keep busy with my first tablet (Trekstor Primetab P10) with Android 7.0. I’m going to install the necessary applications and uninstall the unnecessary application for example the some programs from the MS Office package.

My first installed program was Jitsi meet. That is the open-source concurrence to Skype. Here in Debian 9 I had installed it after my visit on the Fosdem 2018.

Unfortunately I’m sure that I cannot allure for people who are fascinated into Skype. Skype is not a bad program but sometime I think it is unwieldy.

Another alternative to WhatsApp could be Telegram or Threema. These are open-source applications, too.

The last alternative to Google drive could be Nextcloud. Nextcloud could be better than Own cloud.

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