16.06.2015 Roermond English

16.06.2015 Roermond English

Yesterday I was in Roermond in the Netherlands.


Roermond is situated in the south of Venlo and in the north of Maastricht at the river Maas that has a branch to the city centre. Even a little harbour has the city and a very good train connections to Amsterdam via Eindhoven, Maastricht via Sittard or Nijmegen via Venlo. The last connection with Veolia others with the Nederlandse spoorwegen (NS).

Due to my wish for working in the Netherlands I was first at Randstad.nl in order to get informations about the salaries and the conditions how I can write a correct application.
That isn’t easy. The pleasant worker in the office of Roermond had helped me to find websites where I can find this kind of informations. Of course I can find such informations
myself but it would be a all over the place search and I’m not a pro in these kind of things. Or all my reader are pro? I talked to him in Dutch. It wasn’t very good but
better than I have supposed.

After this successful obtaining of informations I was strolling through the city centre in order to buy newspapers for me. In a book trade I found even the Belgian newspapers „De Standaart“ and „Gazet van Antwerpen“ and of course the regional newspaper of Roermond „de Limburger“.

The city centre has a lot of shops, for example V&D, Hema, Blokker and others. Really that would be enough for the this little town with 58.000 inhabitants there is an outlet-center in the northern part of the town. It isn’t a normal commercial centre. It looks like a small village with a lot of shops. In the front of this kind of village I ate a special pizza. After that I visited the branch of Maas and made my visit at Albert Heijn perfect. Albert Heijn is the leader of the Dutch supermarkets but not very expensive. A good assortment of goods and a good structure are the identifications mark of this company. Since my last visit in Dordrecht in the beginning of this June, I must buy a Vla. This is pudding, a dessert that consists of milk and chocolate and it isn’t very sweet. They package it just a juice carton.

After that I took the train back to Venlo and then to Essen. At 16.22 h I was back in my apartment in Essen (Germany).

For my holidays I have asked another apartment in Breskens, in Zeeuw-Vlaams, the southern part of Zeeland, near the Belgian border. Via a bed % breakfast portal I haven’t got an answer so that I have asked this morning again via e-mail on dutch. I don’t hope that they holiday in person.

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