Goodbye to openSUSE and Mageia

Goodbye to openSUSE and Mageia

Yes that’s right. I said goodbye (first) to openSUSE and after Mageia.

On my another desktop I had installed openSUSE for two or three years. I began with openSUSE 13.1 and after openSUSE 13.2 but this distribution of Linux is not my case.

the boot display of Mageia 6
the boot display of Mageia 6

On my little pc I installed Mageia instead of Lubuntu. The version 5 with Gnome works very fine only with the Kernel 3.19 and not with the modern version 4.4.

I thought that it is a very good idea to install Mageia 6 (the new version) instead of openSUSE. I did it yesterday. But after the installing there were problems to launch the control center (like the control panel in Windows). The graphical surface couldn’t load after installing the new updates. There is a workaround for solving this problem.

You go into your terminal and type the order

xhost +local:root.

in. You can do it as current user or as root.

After this, the control center started. But only after that, so that you would do it after new start if you want to change something it.

The mouse in Mageia 6 was very sluggish. When the menu of Gnome opens it was sluggish, too. After a crash of the whole pc, nothing went, even the key sequence Control + 2 in order to get into the normal terminal surface, I decided to deinstall Mageia again.

The deinstalling is very simple because you only need to tell the new installation program that you want to use the whole hard drive and then it will overwrite it.

In the morning I install another operating system onto my flash drive. There are special programs that you can download it or if you use a Linux distribution, then you have normally always such a program.


In the morning I watched the famous webpage of Distrowatch. That is a webpage where are the most 100 popular Linux distribution that are currently.  Originally it comes to me that I could install the new Fedora 25 but it’s only the Beta stadium. In this stadium the operating systems are good in use but not really safety. The new Fedora will come out in the middle of November. Ok, the teething troubles are always until a the new big updates comes. Ubuntu with long-term support is only good, if they have a .1 after the number.

The simple Bodhi Linux on my desktop
The simple Bodhi Linux on my desktop

I decided to install now, Bodhi Linux. It’s a distribution of an offspring of Ubuntu. It’s looks a grey colours. Bodhi Linux is not for all eternity. It uses the Enlightenment-17 desktop environment. It’s a new experience for me. But it could very handy for me because there are a lot of possibility in order to work more with scripts etc…

This pc stands only in my bedroom in order to watch movies in Youtube or on DVD. I will not do everything do

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