My first tour on a river with a canoe

My first tour on a river with a canoe

Today I was on the little river „Lippe“  for the first time.

I have ordered a little tour by the German canoe association for a little hours. In the past I was on a jolly-boots over the lake Kemnade in Bochum but I did not like it. Sailing boats are not interested in myself.

But I want to be in a kayak and then discover the world from a new perspective. In the end of January I had me registered for this day in Wesel, that is located between Arnhem (The Netherlands) and Düsseldorf (Germany). It is a small town.

The river Lippe flows in the of the Ruhr area that begins in Bad Lippspringe, 240 km eastward of Wesel the the river flows into the Rhine.

Yesterday it was a hot day but today the weather forecast has announced thunderstorms. Today it was not so very hot as yesterday. For my trip I wore my bathing trunk and my 3/4 black sport tights (that I love very well), my swim shirt (Rash guard) (for protecting against the sun and if would fall into water then I will be dry very fast. I know that because I wear it always when I swim in lakes). A raincoat was in the boot, too.

Others wore wetsuits or a combination of very fast dry clothes.

We have started soon with the boats to a place where we could go on water. First we have attempted to check the boats on land. Although I specified that my body measure is 1,93 m the kayak was a little bit too short for me. Another problem was my thighs were very thick for an important thing for the kayak.

So I had to change to a canoe.

We have started very fast with our trip back to Wesel.

As we have reached the first station on our tour a heavy rain has started. The first station was our first break. We stood in heavy rain and every one was happy. People who like water sports are not considerate of weather conditions as normal persons.

We have decided to go to Wesel because the thunderstorm was still over Cologne and Düsseldorf. The light rain has begun again. Of course you get a lot of water from your backer when they did a wrong movement with the paddle. But I don’t have problems with it. It is only water and not sulfuric acid. But a lot of persons who have a big problem with water. I don’t know why.

The end stop we have reached before the thunderstorm came but it has not came to us. It turned the direction to Dortmund or Hamm.

A woman who I liked a little bit wore a wetsuit and she was in a kayak. She has reported that the wetsuit was wetter than she has believed. A wetsuit can be wet, too. She lives in Bonn (in the south of Cologne, the former capital of Germany) and has slept by a friend or boyfriend. We were talking but in a big group I’m always a little bit shy to a nice woman. But she likes apparently water sports, too.

Perhaps I lost a big chance, again.

I will go on the next possibility on water again, perhaps soon in my vacation in Rostock in the next month.

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