Outdoor pool Hesse in Dellwig

Outdoor pool Hesse in Dellwig

This first in the year I swam outside of a building. The outdoor pool „Hesse“ that is operated by a private sports club opens the door for the swimmers. It is the first outdoor pool in Essen. The other will open in May.

I left my home with my bike to the railway station Essen-Zollverein North in order to go with the commuter line S2 to Essen-Dellwig. It is a short trip but a worth trip because I did not want to arrive sweaty although the temperature was around 10 degrees.

In Essen-Dellwig the railway station has a steel bridge in order to change the tracks (no lift). Another commuter railway station have a lift, Essen-Dellwig not.

Essen Dellwig station.

I wanted to go an old way. In former times I went a road aside the normal streets. I realized that it was not an easy way because the public services built here a new sewer for the „Paulsmühlenbach“. Usually it is not a little romantic stream, it is a concreted stream for the wastewater. The public services always needs 4 or 5 years to create for such sewer. I saw the tender offer for the Paulsmühlenbach. It looked not very difficult.

Here in Essen Kray it is the same thing; a wastewater stream has been taking more than 4 years and the works are not finished.

The outdoor pool Hesse is named after an old restaurant that was located near the outdoor pool.

The outdoor pool Hesse

The outdoor pool has a 25 meter basin and a paddling pool. In former time there was an old 50 meter basin which was even in May still cold. There was no heating. The sun heated the water. Of course there were big discussions about the survival of the outdoor pool because „Hesse“ opened in 1925 the first time and they did not nothing to the pool. The technology was old (not from 1925 but from 1960 / 1970) and not up-to-date.

They decided to renovate the pool and now with the new technology for the basin they can open again.

The water temperature was for me a little too warm. The cold shower that I took before I went inside the water had changed my susceptibility to the water temperature.

I swam my lanes after that I dried my bathing jammer in the sun. This morning I could overlaid the shorts over the jammer and I did not changed in the changing room. I often do it when it is warm.

Originally I would take the commuter railway line S9 from Essen Dellwig East to Essen main station but I went the whole route to Essen main station with my bike. At the station Essen-Borbeck there is the beginning for a cycle path (natural finish) that discharges into the RS1 (the cycle path from Essen to Mülheim) near Essen-Altendorf.

The cycle path RS 1 in Essen-Altendorf

I arrived Essen main station after 30 minutes (nearly 10 km) and could see a demonstration against war for peace and the survival for the nature. All members had arrived with their bikes.

Normally I check in the book shop in Essen main station to new pc magazines. I found two, one about coding (C#, Python, C++, Batch files for Windows 10 and scripting for Linux) and one about the new hardware in 2019.

Finally I went back to home and relaxed the rest day at home. Meanwhile I was very tired. I often watch a lot of videos about journey with planes (Flight experience). One or two persons are checking the service on board the airlines.

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