Pentecost weekend

Pentecost weekend

The last week is over. The negative circumstance of the German Railway between Essen and Düsseldorf airport I circumvented with taking the local trains of S6 from Ratingen. At the moment this train line is reliable.

The little disadvantage is that you must go by bike 20 minutes from work to the train station. But on the way you go shopping in the city centre of Ratingen or in supermarkets or swimming in the indoor / outside pools of this town.

Pentecost is waiting and finally I can go to the library here in Essen. In the week when you must work from 9.15 am to 6 pm it is not possible. The distance from Düsseldorf to Essen is too big and because of the situation that one train line that is in time in Essen, does not run at the moment.

I would take the train line RE2 from Düsseldorf main station to Essen main station that departs on 6.13 pm.

Due to works between Essen and Duisburg this train did not run during the Easter school holidays between in the end of March. Then for another work on tracks between Düsseldorf and Cologne this line was not running. That means that the train lines did not run for more than 2 months to the origin destination of Düsseldorf main station.

In general all trains in German, local and long distance, are always in tardy. You must expect in Germany that the train is delay, canceled or that the train does not run his complete way to his end. The operation centre decides very often to stop the train many stations before because the delay is very big so that the train would never catch up the delay. That means that the passenger who wanted to go to the terminal destination, must go out and wait and hope that the next train would go to the normal train destination.

Meanwhile the operation centre of the German railway does it with the long-distance train (IC and ICE), too. No one can be sure that you reach your destination if the the train has a delay.

In other countries (The Netherland or Belgium) the train companies do not do that.

The German Railway Deutsche Bahn AG is not customer-friendly. The company wants to earn money in the foreign country for transportation of freight and is proud of their train connection between Europe and China but the homework they can not do no longer.

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