X.org Update failed by Fedora 25

X.org Update failed by Fedora 25

In the last days there was an update with Fedora 25 and Xorg.

Xorg is in Linux an important display server, that shows you the graphic display in the desktop environment. Xorg is more than 10 years in use and Wayland will change it.

Yesterday I made an update (regularly) and after that I was a little in Venlo (The Netherlands) and came back and Fedora didn’t start the graphical surface. I could see the mouse but it stopped and I could see the white prompt of the command-line and returned to the login-screen.

I turned in the command-line with CTRL+ALT+F2 in order to announce. In the command-line you must login first with your user name and user password. Then you are in the user modus and you can work with it. Fedora (or other Linux distributions) has complete loaded. Now you have the full operating system. When you are at this point, you know that the current kernel version works. There was an update to Kernel 4.10.10, too.

In order to start the X-Server you must type in:


The start routine interrupted here, too. But in the command-line you get always a lot of error messages. I always have the hots of error messages because you can search in the Internet after this kind of message if other users had this problems, too.

The error messages showed, that it was something wrong with Xorg.

I decided to boot my other Linux operating system Mageia on my little notebook, to look after this error messages.

In a forum I found an advice because of Xorg and I thought of the Wayland installation on my pc. I changed in the login screen the button from Gnome with Xorg to Wayland, again and I could see my normal desktop environment.

After searching to the problem I found an entry in Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a forum for reporting all bugs in the operating systems of Red Hat, Fedora and CentOS. Red Hat is the origin of Fedora and CentOS. That means if something going wrong with Red Hat, it has a high chance that it goes wrong with Fedora and CentOS.

I found an entry for 3 or 4 days that an update with the xorg file failed.

Fedora loaded the file


for an update into update repos.

There was a mistake so that the Xorg-Server doesn’t start. Meanwhile there was another update with the file:


that solved the problem.

I changed in the login-screen into Gnome Xorg and now it worked, again.

The disadvantage of Wayland is currently that this display server doesn’t show a lot of buttons in different programs for example Geany (a tool for writing HTML-Websites) or GIMP and even with VLC there were problems.

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